"Ayurveda God (Lord Dhanvantari)"

Lord Dhanvantari, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the God of Ayurvedic medicine and preserver of the world from all diseases. In addition, he is known to have perfected herbal medicine as well as found antiseptic properties in turmeric.

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About Council of Indian Medicine

Haryana is a divine land of sages and saints and who scripted Vedas here on the bank of sacred river Saraswati and King Kuru sowed the seeds of virtues. It was here that the epic battle of Mahabharta was fought for righteousness and Lord Krishna delivered the celestial message of Bhagwada Gita, which has been inspiring the humanity since ages. While mingling the antiquity with modernity, Haryana is scaling new heights of glory in all fields of development, especially health sector. We have implemented several innovative schemes to make modern health services more easily accessible to the people, especially the poor.

Regarding life of the Board

Council Of Indian Medicine, Haryana was constituted on 26-11-1968. Later on the life of the Board was extended for a period of 7 years vide Haryana Gazette Notification No. Leg. 12\1971 dated 10-03-1971 i.e. 26-11-1975. On the request of the Board, the life of the Board again extended for the period of twelve years vide Haryana Gazette Notification No. 3 of Leg. 79 dated 9-1-1979 i.e. upto 26-11-1980.

Aim and objectives

East Punjab Act No. 14 of 1949 was enacted by the Punjab State Govt. to regulate the qualifications and to provide registration of practitioners of Indian system of Medicines with a view to encourage its development and this was called East Punjab Ayurvedic and Unani Practitioners Act, 1949. Later on this Act was replaced in 1963 and the said Act became ” The Punjab Ayurvedic and Unani Practitioners Act, 1963″


The Punjab State was bifurcated on 1-11-1966. After that the Haryana Govt. by amending sub section 6 of section 3 of the Punjab Ayurvedic and Unani Practitioners Act, 1963 established the Council of Indian Medicine, Haryana on 26-11-1968 for a period of two years. The Haryana Govt. constituted first Board on 18-2-1970 by nominating the Director, Health Services as its Chairman along with five non-official members.

The Haryana Ayurvedic and Unani Practitioners Act, 1963

What our honorary members have to say?

Haryana has taken great strides in imparting up-to-date medical and healthcare facilities throughout the state. This not only is bound to allopathic and modern medicines ,but also to ancient medicine emanated from nature, about 5000 year old and having its origins in Vedic Indian culture. See what our renounced leaders have to say about this.
Sh Nayab Singh Saini

Sh Nayab Singh Saini

Chief Minister Haryana
Dr Kamal Gupta

Dr Kamal Gupta

Health Minister
Dr Dinesh Aggarwal

Dr Dinesh Aggarwal